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Certified Seed

Preserving genetic purity through quality seed

Please see below for the varieties of seed that we grow along with information about each one.  Feel free to contact us with questions or to see if a certain variety will work for you. 

Certified Wheat Seed

SY Wolf

This is a tried and true variety from syngenta/agripro, that has been around for many years. This is a great variety for both dryland and irrigated, with a good disease package, while still maintaining good straw strength and test weight.

SY Monument

This variety is one of the newer Syngenta/Agripro releases that has a tremendous disease and drought package.  We have seen significant tolerance to stem and leaf rust with this variety while still sustaining high test weight and yield.  

WB 4418

This is a semi-solid variety that is prized for its excellent straw strength. It has high yield potential with an improved disease resistant package, including a great rating against wheat streak mosaic. 


This is a tall variety that is known for its winter hardiness and good disease resistance package that still has excellent yield potential.  This variety caught our attention for its ability to outperform on tougher acres. 


Keldin is a broadly adapted variety with excellent yield potential and very good stand-ability.  We chose this variety for its potential in yield and its outstanding test weight. 

AP 503 CL2

This is a great variety to use as a management tool on your farm.  AP503CL2 is a two-gene clearfield wheat that can be sprayed in both fall and spring to control broad leaf weeds. This Clearfield variety is a high yielding semi dorf wheat.


This is a Wyoming released variety from Colorado State University.  It has repeatedly topped the variety trials in the region and on farm is consistently a top yielder on both dryland and irrigated.  Please click the More Information button for specifics about this variety. 


Spur is a newly released variety out of Wyoming with Montana State University genetics.   Spur was just named this winter, but its experimental name is MTS- 1024.  When looking at the attached documentation please look for it under its experimental name to find comparable data.


This Montana State variety is a high yielding, solid stem wheat that has very little yield drag from its solid stem characteristics. 

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Certified Hay Millet and Oat Seed

Monida Oats

MONIDA SPRING OATS – Monida was developed cooperatively by the USDAARS and Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington Agricultural Experiment Stations, and was released in 1985. Monida is a mid-season, relatively tall oat. It is similar to Cayuse and Otana in lodging resistance. Kernels of Monida are typically plump, creamywhite in color and similar in appearance to those of Otana. Monida has out-yielded Cayuse and Otana in regional irrigated and dryland testing (1978-1984) and except for Otana, Monida exceeded Cayuse and other commonly grown western oat cultivars in tests weight in these trials.


White Wonder Hay Millet

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Seed Treatment

Cruiser Maxx Vibrance

We offer seed treatment that we apply right here at the farm when you purchase your seed.  We use Cruiser Maxx Vibrance on our own crops and fully stand behind its value.  This treatment is a insecticide/ fungicide that helps seedlings by protecting them against a wide range of disease and insect.  Please click the link to be directed to Syngentas website where there is extensive information and a video on the power of this treatment. 

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