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Prairie Farms Ltd


As professional seedmen who grow and condition the seed we sell, we know what works for our region. Whether your needs call for certified wheat seed, certified oat seed, or hay millet seed, call today!

Our Story

For more than 130 years, our family has been growing crops in Albin, Wyoming. Success starts with quality seed. Whether your needs call for wheat seed, oat seed, or hay millet seed, you can count on Prairie Farms Ltd to help your crop get off to a good start. 

The Team

Tim Anderson

Tim is owner/operator of Prairie Farms Ltd. With more than 50 years of experience as a professional seedsman and farrmer, Tim is your go-to source for information about what works and high-quality seed.

Chisum Volk

Chisolm is originally from Eastern Nebraska and has come to Prairie Farms Ltd. to advance his career. A graduate of John Deere Mechanical School, Chisolm is both an expert mechanic and seedsman.  


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